The North Pole ozonosphere is keeping to enlarge and the South Pole ice shelf is keeping to thaw out,With higher demand on energy and sky-rocketing oil price, but fossil fuel will be depleted by the end of this century.

The conventional electricity power plants are increasingly producing harmful and polluted substance that harms our planet. Gradually many animal and plant is disappeared. We are facing a huge ecological change, the warming crisis is enlarging limitlessly, next disappeared species could be the human race if we are keeping to destroy the earth.

Stopping global warming before disastrous consequences becomes unavoidable must, and it's a priority concern far beyond the environmental community. It is our responsibility to ensure the quality of life not only for us but also for our next generation.
With this in mind, Kootatu Tech is striving to discover the cleaner and more efficient alternative energy that will make our earth a better and cleaner place to live. KOOTATU TECH is investing new capital toward integration of natural energy.

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